Quick Search

The Quick Search Tool is the fastest way to find employees, desks, assets, and bookings in a StaffMap project. Search results are ranked based on best match.

Use the Quick Search Tool:

  1. Type the name of an item you're searching for into the Quick Search bar. You can optionally use filters and advanced search terms, as described below.
  2. Select the name of the item from the suggestions that appear below the search bar.
  3. StaffMap will locate the panel on the floor (indicated by a red panel).

Note - If you search for a remote employee in the Quick Search Tool, you will be taken to the 'Map' floor to be shown where they are working geographically.

Filter Search by Item Type

By default, the quick search tool will search for all items. To make searches more focused, you can use the search filters to toggle the items that are queried. The categories that can be toggled are: employees, desks, assets, bookings.

To toggle filters:

1. Click the Quick Search bar.

2. A small bar containing the toggle icons will open. Click the icons to toggle on and off.

Advanced Search Terms

You can focus searches even further by including multiple terms and logical operators (< > = etc). Multiple search terms should be separated by commas (,) to a maximum of five terms.

Search Examples

, (quickly list available desks)

boa,seats>4 (search for board room with more than 4 seats)

desk,phone (search for a desk with a phone)

jen (search for employees with name starting with Jen)

646 (search for employee by extension)

Marketing (find employees in marketing department)

Desk (search for a desk that is available today)

Joe (if joe has desks booked, bookings will be listed)

DEllis@Company.com (search by email address)

desk,seats=1,category=desk, phone (search for desk with 1 seat, category=desk and has a phone)

,seats (show available desks and show seat counts)

desk,window=false (show available desks that are not beside a window)