Auto-Sync with CSV

How to Auto-Sync with CSV

StaffMap can auto-sync with a CSV file placed in the project directory.

  1. Generate an API key. Sign in as an admin, then go Tools > Project > Project Settings and click create in the API Key field.

2. Generate a fieldmap URL. You can do this by initiating a manual sync. When the import completes, the fieldmap URL will be visible in your browsers URL bar.


Ensure that the API key generated in step 1 is included in the URL (bolded above).

3. Create or rename a CSV file called syncemployees.csv containing your employee data. Ensure the column headings exactly match the originally imported CSV.

4. Write syncemployees.csv to the {project}\import folder.

e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\StaffMap 4\YourProject\import.

5. Open the fieldmap URL in a browser to initiate the CSV import.