Map Properties

Map options such as the map type, zoom option, and centered location can be adjusted from the Map Properties panel.

Map Type

You can choose one of four available map types:

  • Roadmap (normal, default 2D map)
  • Satellite (photographic map)
  • Hybrid (photographic map + roads and city names)
  • Terrain (map with mountains, rivers, etc.)

Map Zoom

Enter the zoom level of the initial Map view. The zoom level can be set from 0 to 20. The following list shows the approximate level of detail you can expect to see around each zoom level:

  • 1: World
  • 5: Landmass/continent
  • 10: City
  • 15: Streets
  • 20: Buildings

Map LatLng

Enter the position the map will be initially centered on. The Map LatLng value can be obtained by right clicking a location in Google Maps, then selecting What's here?

Copy the values directly from the resulting flyout at the bottom of the window.