Importing Images with CSV

Employees can be imported during an inital CSV import or sync.

How to Import Images

  1. Format the images to an appropriate size and file type. The optimal resolution is 512x512px, and the file type can be JPG, PNG, or GIF. Ensure that all images are of the same file type.
  2. Name the images to match one or a combination of the following fields in StaffMap: username, firstname, lastname.
  3. Images must be located in the {project}\import folder or subfolder. e.g C:\Program Files (x86)\Staffmap 4\MyProject\import\employeeimages\.
  4. . Intitiate a CSV Sync or Import. At the bottom of the mapping screen you'll see a field called 'image file'.
  5. Next to the 'image file' field, enter the photo path of the image folder, and the field name(s) used to name the images.


Import by username from the import directory:


Import by first name and last name from import\staffphotos directory:

staffphotos\[firstname] [lastname].png

6. Continue with the CSV import or sync as documented. The images will be automatically linked with the StaffMap Photo field.

Current limitations

  • Images are only imported when adding employees (Import CSV and Sync CSV Add).
  • CSV Sync will not remove or add images to existing employees in the project.
  • Modifications of images will not be detected.