Azure Active Directory

A) Register an App in Azure

1. Open the Azure portal at:

2. Search for or click App Registrations (usually under ‘Favorites’ in the side menu)

3. Click New Registration.

4. Enter a name for the application

5. Enter the Redirect URL. This will be your Staffmap project URL e.g. http://localhost/staffmap4/AzureProject/ .

6. Click the Register button to create the application

7. Document the Application (client) ID and the Directory (tenant) ID. These will later be added to your Staffmap project settings.

B) Generate a Client Secret

A secret string allows the Staffmap application to prove its identity when requesting a token.

1. In the Azure App registrations menu, click on Certificats & secrets.

2. Click New client secret.

3. Add a description (eg: staffmapsecret1), and set the expiry date.

4. Record the client secret (this will be entered into Staffmap later.

C) Connect Staffmap Project to Azure AD

1. In the Staffmap project you want to connect to Azure AD, go to Project > Import > Sync with Azure AD.

2. Enter the Application ID obtained in Step A.

3. Enter the Client Secret obtained in Step B.

4. Enter the Tenant ID obtained in Step A.

5. Enter the an Azure AD username.

6. Optionally, enter filter parameters to retrieve a subset. More info:

7. Test your settings with the Test Settings. You may be prompted to Accept Permissions for the app you created.

8. After successful connection, you'll be taken to the mapping screen.

The left side of the mapping screen allows you to match Staffmap fields to any of the available Azure AD fields.

The right side of the mapping screen shows the fields and information available from Azure AD.

9. When you're satisfied with the mapping click Save, then click Sync to initiate the sync.

10. A progress bar will show the sync progress, and results.