Adding Employee Panels

When in Panel Edit Mode, adding an employee panel will add that employee to the current floorplan or map, as well as the default Staff List. Employee panels will appear in the top left corner of the floorplan when they are added, unless directly drag and dropped from a list, or added with the right-click method. Panels can be resized and moved anywhere on the floorplan image.

Note - Only users with the permission to ManageFloors may edit the floorplan.

Adding Employees to Floorplans

  1. Enter the Panel Edit Mode by clicking the Edit button, then Employees, at the top right of the screen. The edit tools will now appear.

2. Click the Add button in the top toolbar.

3. A new panel will appear at the top left of the floorplan. The first and last name fields can be edited, and the panel can be moved and resized.

4. Press the Save button in the top toolbar when you are finished in Edit Mode. This will confirm changes made.

Adding Employees by Right-clicking

  1. Enter the Panel Edit mode as described above.
  2. Move your cursor over the area you wish to create an employee panel.
  3. Right-click and select Add Panel.

4. Optionally re-name the panel by typing the new name.

5. Move and resize the panel and select Save to confirm the addition.

Dragging Employees from Lists to Floorplans

Drag and dropping is a quick and convenient way to quickly add employee panels to floors from Lists.

  1. Enter the Panel Edit Mode by clicking the Edit button , then Employees at the top right of the screen. The edit tools will appear.

2. Open the Side Menu, and navigate to the default Staff List, or any custom employee list.

3. Locate the employee you would like to add to the floorplan, and click and drag the blue or pin icon to an open space on the floorplan.

  • A green icon indicates the employee is not currently on any floorplan.
  • The pin icon indicates an employee is currently attached to a floorplan.

4. If an employee is in another location or on another floor, they will be removed from the old location.

5. Click the Save button to confirm any changes.

Adding Employees to Maps

To add an employee to a map, enter the employee’s address in the Employee Detail form and select a map in the floorplan list.

  1. In the Sidebar Menu, select Staff.

2. Select the employee to be added to the map from the Staff list.

3. When the Employee Form appears, click the Edit button.

4. Edit the employee location fields. StaffMap can use the address, city, state, zip, and country to place an employee on the map. If some of the fields are not filled in, the employee will be centered on a general 'closest' location.

5. In the floorname field, select Map.

6. Click the Save icon to save any changes.

Dragging Employees from Lists to Maps

  1. View the Map you'd like to add an employee to.
  2. Enter the Employee Edit mode.
  3. From the Side Menu, open the default Staff list, or any other list that displays employees.

4. Select the green + icon next to an employees name to add them to the map. The employee marker will be added to the center of the screen.

4. Optionally drag and drop the employee panel to adjust their position.

5. Save any changes.