Sync from CSV

Note - Syncing with CSV will import new users, update existing users, and remove users that no longer exist. 

How to Sync with CSV

3. Select Sync with CSV.

4. Select a CSV file from the system dialog. 

5. On the resulting screen, use the dropdowns on the left to map StaffMap fields to CSV fields. You'll see a preview of the data available from the CSV file on the right. 

6. Select Save to finalize your selections and then select Sync to initiate the process. 

Note - Username is a required field and must be mapped to a column containing unique values, such as email, userid, accountname etc.  The username will be used in subsequent syncs to determine if a record exists, or needs to be updated. 

Example CSV

The column headings in the CSV do not need to perfectly match the names of Staffmap fields, but doing so will enable automatic matching and save time. You can ignore columns in the CSV by assigning them a blank value in the dropdown. 

Example link (export as CSV):