Custom HTML Field

The Custom HTML field can be used to add functionality and customize the look of the Forms. Customized HMTL, CSS, and Javascript can be added to the field. For example, different field values can be added to the heading such as email or location, and widgets can be embedded via Javascript (maps, twitter feeds etc.).

Note - When enabled, users with permission to edit this field will be able to post raw HTML and scripts. Allowing users to post HTML could be dangerous and it is strongly recommended that this feature only be accessible to trusted security groups.

Adding Custom HTML

  1. In the Side Menu, select Staff.
  2. Select any employee in the list to open their Employee Details form.
  3. When the Employee Details form appears, click the Edit button.
  4. At the bottom of the Employee Details form, select Edit Fields.

5. Select the dropdown next to custom html.

6. Enter custom HTML, CSS and Javascript in the text box.

Insert field values with the following notation:

e.g. [*firstname], [*lastname], [*city]

The asterisk (*) indicates that the original field will be hidden from display. This is useful to avoid displaying duplicate fields. For example, [*firstname] will display the first name in the custom html field, and the original field will be hidden. Using just [firstname], the first name field would be visible twice on the employee detail form.

The default value for this field is:

<div class="CustomHTML">[*firstname] [*lastname]</div>