Adding Asset Records

If an administrator wants to add an asset to the project, but not a floorplan, they can by using the Asset List tool in the Sidebar Menu.

Adding Assets with the Asset List

1. Navigate to the default asset list at Tools > Assets > Asset List, or open a custom asset list.

2. In the Asset List select the Add button.

3. Enter the asset information as needed. You can also:

  • Add a Category to determine the visibility of specific fields.
  • Assign the asset a floorname. The asset will be placed at the top left of the selected floor, and can be further positioned in the Edit Assets Mode.
  • Add an asset image by clicking the green camera icon. If an image is added it will be visible on the floorplan instead of the default icon.

6. Select Save to add the new desk to your project.

Note: Custom fields can be added to the Asset Detail form by clicking Edit Fields. See Adding Custom Fields.