Acquire a Maps Key

The Map functionality requires a Map key. The API key requires a Google account, but is free and easy to acquire.

How to Acquire a Map Key

6. From the Navigation menu, select API & Services > Credentials.

7. Select Create Credentials > API Key

8. You will receive a text key similar to AIzaTyAypn7nUHBxi-j_ljgr5xdmoTrA5LeUu6E.

9. Restrict the key to the Maps API by selecting RESTRICT KEY

10. From the API Restrictions dropdown, select Maps Javascript API and Geocoding API. 

How to Change the Map Key

3. Select the Save button to confirm the key. The Map will now be enabled.

Note: If a Map item exists and no Map key has been entered, a warning message will appear at the bottom of the screen. If no key is entered, the Map will still display in 'Development mode'.