Entering the Activation Key

While evaluating StaffMap, the activation key prompt will appear when a project is opened or a new project is created. After the activation key is entered, this prompt will no longer appear.

The activation key is provided when StaffMap is purchased. When entered, it will register the software. If an activation key is not entered, StaffMap will start in evaluation mode, and will no longer function after 30 days. Please visit the StaffMap website for more information on prices and editions.

How to Enter an Activation Key:

After purchasing StaffMap, you will receive an email with your activation key included. Do not lose this activation key. You will require it if you decide to reinstall StaffMap or install StaffMap on another server.

After receiving your key, follow these steps to activate your installation of StaffMap:

  1. Run StaffMap.
  2. When StaffMap is opened as an active or expired trial, you will be prompted with the following message:

3. Enter your activation key in the Activation Key field and select the Activate Now button.

Note - After an activation key has been entered, a new activation key can be entered at any time. For example, a customer that initially purchases the Standard edition may later upgrade to the Enterprise edition. The new activation key can be entered via the 'About' form on the Sidebar Menu

How to Enter a New Activation Key

  1. Open the Sidebar Menu and select Tools > Project > About.

2. In the New Activation Key field, enter your new activation key and select the Activate button.