What's New in StaffMap 4?

StaffMap 4 is the most recent version of StaffMap software. Below is a list of all the new and improved features in the program.

Assets and Desks no longer need to be added one-by-one. Use CSV files to bulk import or sync Assets and Desks into the system.

Make use of the new REST API to read and write information. Employees, Desks, Assets, and bookings can be queried. You can also initiate syncs via API, making scheduled syncs more easy.

Choose to connect to Azure AD to sync employee information.

Convert your database to SQL Server rather than the included Compact SQL database files.

Use the new Annotation layers to overlay drawings on your floorplans. Useful for move planning, emergency planning, department mapping etc.

The theme system has been entirely re-built with a focus on user friendliness and efficiency. Visually select the fields you want displayed, and see changes in real-time as you edit the CSS.

Mobile screen tabs let you customize the information visible on mobile displays.

Recurring Weekly Bookings

Employees can now be booked into desks permanently with recurring bookings. Part-time desk assignments are also possibly by selecting specific days a recurring booking is active. This can also be used to assign employees to multiple desks e.g. Main Office, Secondary Space, Parking Lot.