Moving Desk Panels

Moving and resizing desk panels in Staffmap can be done by clicking and dragging parts of the panel.

Moving and Resizing Desk Panels

  1. Enter the Panel Edit Mode by clicking the Edit button, then Desks, at the top right of the screen. The edit tools will now appear.

2. Select the desk panel you wish to move or resize.

3. Click and drag on the panel body to move it around the floorplan.

4. Select the right or bottom edges, or the bottom right corner and drag to resize.

5. Click on the Save button in the top toolbar when you are finished in Edit Desks mode. This will confirm any changes made.

Automatically Resizing Panels

You can automatically resize panels to fit text by selecting the Auto Size button from the edit menu.

Adjusting the Panel Image Position

The desk image can be positioned to the left, right, bottom, or top of the text. To toggle through alignments, select the Image Position button from the edit menu.