Installing IIS on Windows 10

Internet Information Server (IIS) is included with Microsoft Windows 10 and can be installed either during the installation of the operating system or afterwards. There are several IIS options that must be enabled in order for StaffMap to run. Do the following to ensure that all of these options are enabled:

  1. Open the Control Panel.
    • You can press WIN+X together to display the 'Power User Menu' to select Control Panel.
  2. Navigate to Programs > Programs and Features > Turn Windows Features on or off.
  3. Ensure that the following options are selected:
    • IIS Management Console
    • .NET Extensibility 3.5
    • .NET Extensibility 4.6
    • Application Initialization
    • ASP
    • ASP.NET 3.5
    • ASP.NET 4.5
    • ISAPI Extensions
    • ISAPI Filters
    • Default Document
    • HTTP Errors
    • HTTP Redirection
    • Static Content
    • Static Content Compression
    • Request Filtering
  4. Click OK to apply the changes. You may be prompted to restart the computer.
Windows 10 Features Installation Requirements